8 ноября 1958

'Jeff Speakman' (qv) was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where he became an All-American springboard diver in high school. He broke records in his school's district and confer ence all without ever having a coach. Determined to go to college, he worked for six years and graduated with honors from Missouri State College, earning a bac helor's degree in psychology with a minor in biology. Jeff currently holds a 6th-degree black belt in Japanese Gojo-Ryu and a 6th-degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate. He is also found and director of American Kenpo Karate Systems (AAKS), an international kenpo karate organization with more than 50 schools. In 1993, Jeff was inducted into the Balck Belt Hall of Fame as "Instructor of the Year." Jeff has only been studying acting for the past ten years.

1. poster 2006 Зона удара
... Kilmer
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2. poster 2004 Цена риска
... Scott Sherwin
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3. poster 1999 Горячие парни
... Master Keaton
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4. poster 1999 Русский киллер
... Greg / Gregori
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5. poster 1998 День памяти
... Edward Downey
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6. poster 1997 Побег из Атлантиды
... Matt Spencer
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7. poster 1996 Смертельный захват
... Sgt. Dutton Hatfield
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8. poster 1995 Эксперт
... John Lomax
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9. poster 1993 Стратегия страха
... Jake Barrett
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10. poster 1991 Совершенное оружие
... Jeff
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11. poster 1990 Самоволка
... Mansion Security Man
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