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Год 2002
Страна Канада
Награды -
Режиссер Марк Фафард
Сценарий Марк Фафард
Производственный жанр документальный фильм
ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK is a thrilling look at the world of skydiving and base jumping - parachuting from a building, bridge or cliff. With breathtaking views of skydiving over the Florida Keys, the Mojave Desert and the magnificent Fjords of Norway, this giant-screen experience explores the psychological and physiological forces behind risk-taking and the physics involved in high-risk activities. The film follows two top risk-takers, Adrian Nicholas and Katarina Ollikainen, as they try to fly the first parachute ever designed as imagined in 1485 by Leonardo da Vinci. ADRENALINE RUSH also allows viewers to experience a base jump. Thanks to a camera strapped to one of the professional jumpers who took part in the film, you can live through a 4,150-foot jump from a legendary Norwegian cliff. Disc 1 - standard DVD: ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK in Wide screen plus bonus features. Disc 2 - DVD ROM - ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK in HIGH-DEFINITION - The complete feature in Microsoft Windows Media Video High-Definition, playable on your PC.

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